JStew & Cori here, it's Throwback Thursday! This week, we wanna know what movie from your childhood scared you the most?!

JStew: Hmmm... It's kind of a toss up. To me, The Shining was about the scariest thing going back then. The slasher movies of the 80's didn't really scare, as they relied on being gross more than anything. But the psychological nature of The Shining made it truly frightening. On the other hand, the first horror movie I ever saw in the theater was Amityville Horror. The original with James Brolin and Margot Kidder from 1979. I was five, and got dragged there by my cousins. Needless to say, I didn't sleep right that night....

Cori: I've always had an overactive imagination, which means I'm not a huge fan of horror movies. And the one that screwed me up the most when I was a kid, I didn't even see the entire movie. I saw probably a total of 5 minutes, by accident at a neighbor's house, and was messed up for years! Child's Play--that was it for me. My step-dad had to go into Chip's Video in Orono and have them take down the poster of Chucky that was hanging in the window because I wouldn't even pass it to walk to school. And of course, with the release of each subsequent Child's Play movie after, I was tortured all over again! Took me a few years to get over that one...and no one in my house slept for those years because I was always waking either my mom or my sisters or my brothers because I was so freaked out. (Sorry guys!)

Of course, you all had your own traumatic cinematic experiences. Check these out, and leave the light on please!!!!

Carl Davenport The Fog
David Sapiel Jr. When I was a kid for me it was The Exorcist! Crazy scary!
Alyson Pickering ET!!
David Shorey Texas chainsaw massacre!
Margaret Siemerling Watcher in the Woods
Elizabeth Leavitt Margaret Siemerling  NERAK! So creepy!!😬
Wendy Clewley The boogens,Made me afraid of the basement!I still dont like basements yikes.
Cheryl McManus Magic with that damn dummy.
Greg Miller A little before my time but I saw it as a kid ... Alfred Hitchcock's "the birds" ... to this day I keep a close watch on large groups of crows near me.
Dixie Monahan Tozier The Fly, that movie scared me so bad when I was a kid.... Candyman was another that used to creep me out!!
Amber Harvey There was a movie with the title sssss scared me to pieces.
Marianne W. Mills The wizard of oz.Had nightmares about the witch.
Dennis Bean Wizard of Oz...yup...and those flying monkeys!!!!!
Chris Sockalexis The Exorcist .. Poltergeist .. The original Friday the 13th
Paul The Serpent and The Rainbow
DTrain The Driller Killer, and the scene in Indian Jones where they tear the heart out of the chest!
Bethany Tompkins Definitely The Ring. Sometimes when I close my eyes I still see their faces and what they looked like after having watched the tape 😱
Undoubtedly, all scary stuff. It's amazing we all turned out as 'normal' as we did. Hahaha...yeah, right!
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