It's Throwback Thursday, and we were wondering... If you could bring back any TV show from the past in the form of a reboot or remake, etc.... What would it be?

JStew: Anyone who knows me, knows that I love MASH more than just about any Tv show ever made. Maybe the Office is a close second. But, I've watched MASH front to back at least 4 times. And that doesn't count the YEARS that I watched it in syndication before it hit the streaming services. I even tried to get the DVD set at one point, but it was like $300 at the time, so I skipped it. But if I were to pick a show to bring back, it'd probably be that. Even thought I would also likely be it's harshest critic and end up hating it. but I'd love the idea at the beginning, hahaha.

Cori: I think with the technology being what it is these days, it would be cool to see remakes of some of the Sci-Fi type shows, like Knight Rider, could be fun. I think they may have even tried it, but like with many shows, it doesn't really pass muster. I always loved Bewitched and I Dream of Jeannie. And I think Perfect Strangers and Night Court could be fun to bring back. I do think you could probably better get away with a remake or reboot of cartoons over live sitcoms. I could, for instance, see The Pink Panther cartoon lending itself really well to a reboot. Wouldn't take much. Let's face it, there's not a lot that hasn't already been tried...and for the most part, failed. But there are the few that come back and seem to be doing alright. Reading Rainbow rebooted alright. And it looks like The Conners, the Roseanne reboot, is still on, right?

Your answers were pretty cool, and we definitely thought a lot of these shows were perfect candidates to be brought back. Let's see what's what.

Cheryl McManus Quincy M.E.
David Wheeler Knight rider lol!
Kari Jo Davis Don't touch my shows, I like them just the way they are. Oh wait, one exception, hee haw. That could be funny.
Lisa Gallant We do NOT need a remake of Bevis & Butthead
Cory Plaisted Growing Pains or Family Ties.
Peter McFadden I was thinking the other day, that I would like to see a sequel to Tango and Cash, with Sly and Kurt Russell.
Linda Memaw Boone I would have to say M*A*S*H!!
Shawnna Farley They could just bring back Firefly and I'd be happy
Kristi Carney Shawnna Farley, YES. Not a remake, just the same cast but like 10 years post Serenity with flashbacks to fill us in.
Greg Miller I kinda want to say Dukes of Hazzard
Paul The Odd Couple
Darren Brady Bunch and Mr. Ed
Dennis A-Team
Steve A lot of the shows we used to watch couldn't be brought back because either the stars are all dead, or it wouldn't be politically correct anymore.

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