JStew: Technically, my first job was playing in a cover band. I started playing in bars for money at the ripe old age of 15. Luckily, I was very tall, so no one really questioned my boyish good looks. Ha! But I grew up waaaaayyyy too fast in that environment. I saw, heard, and did things that 15 year olds aren't supposed to do. I mean, my first gig was in Augusta at a long since gone place just off the highway, and I had to run the lights for the wet t-shirt contest that night. On a Sunday. In May. I had school the next morning. I learned a lot of Rock&Roll 101 in school that year....

Cori: My first paycheck came by way of an acting gig I had when I was 12. I toured all over Maine with Acadia Rep. doing "A Christmas Carol" over Christmas break. It was cool. But my very first steady paycheck came when I started as an usher, when Spotlight Cinemas first opened up in Old Town. I think I was 14 or 15. My mom came to the interview with me, and I'm pretty sure I needed special permission to work at that age. But it was one of my favorite jobs. I worked with a great crew, got to watch all the new movies when they came out, and learned how to pop the perfect batch of popcorn! It was a great first job to have. I have loads of great memories from my time there.

We put it out to you, and asked what your first jobs were? And you replied with great details!

DJFred: My first job:  Working on a dairy farm feeding & milking cows, picking up hay bales, and shoveling a lot of poop.

Peter McFadden Dishwasher at a seasonal restaurant; I grew up on the coast. I gained a lot of experience that continues to influence me to this day.
Jon Goodwin I worked with Peter McFadden!!! Lights restaurant...now anglers.
Betsy Goodwin I worked at Burger King in Orono, I worked my way up to manager. Then I moved onto greener pastures after about 3 years.
Julia Crowley Raking blueberries on family field, and I hated every second of it, lol
Sue Simard-Poliquin Delivering the newspaper/Paper Route, bought my own bike with the money
Rob Irwin Working for my grandfather ( on my dad's side ) at an ice plant he owned. I sold the ice to coustermers to help keep their kegs of beer cold and or cases of soda. We sold blocks of ice ( 25 lbs or 300 lbs ), we also sold bags of ice cubes ( 7 1/2 lbs or 40 lbs ) . The bags were available to the public, but also sold to a couple of resorts and campgrounds , part of my job was to also keep the vending machines full, which were used mostly at night,but also were used during the day if we were busy, we also had a machine that crushed the ice, just really broke down the blocks and we had a machine that cut the 300 lb blocks into the cubes, and we made the ice right there also.
Mary Klein Drouin I grew up in Connecticut. I started.working at 15 in a restaurant as a dishwasher/busgirl
Wendy Clewley I worked at Ames,Remember that place.Then was TJMaxx & many department stores after that.Retail is what I know.😀
Sandra Lyn I waitressed at a chinese restaurant in Millinocket right about the age of 14yrs
Jason Jake Tarr Picking potatoes I was like 7-8. Nothing busting your ass all week for $50-60 lol
Cindy Fye: my first job was working on a large vegetable garden for an elderly Quaker woman.
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