It's Throwback Thursday again, and this week we wanted to know what your favorite or most memorable birthday gift is?

JStew: I remember when I turned 18, my band had a gig at this grimy, old coffeehouse that used to be in Old Town called The Penny Post. the show had been going along quite swimmingly, and it came time for my super-cheesy drum solo. At the end, there was always this special little bit I was supposed to play to cue the guys to come back in. I was confused, bordering on enraged, when I played the cue, and the guys didn't come back. A second or two later, the guitarist/singer comes walking up to the stage with a birthday cake shaped like boobs that had sparklers instead of candles on it. We had a good laugh, I took a lot of cake in the face, and the show went on. I also had an unbelievably rad 35th surprise party from my wife that went off without a hitch. Although, the stories for that are a bit more, shall we say....colorful. Thanks to booze, hahaha.

Cori: This all stemmed from a conversation JStew and I were having recently. My daughter, Grace, turned 10 last week. It's the second birthday she's celebrated since the pandemic started, and since parties are kind of still something we can't do, she decided to ask for a special present: A tub of ice cream that she didn't have to share with her 3 siblings. Needless to say, I made that happen, and she said it was the best birthday present she's ever gotten! That got us wondering: What's the best or most memorable present you ever got for your birthday.

Sadly, or maybe not so sadly, I cannot top a boob cake. Since my birthday is pretty much sandwiched right between Christmas and New Year's Eve, it's often one that just goes unnoticed, and is often not very memorable. The only real present I remember being pretty excited about (mind you, it was the 1980's) was this teal skirt with a matching shirt outfit. I think I got to wear it about twice before I spilled something on it and stained it, but I remember thinking it was pretty cool to have an outfit that matched (most of my clothes were hand-me-downs, which I love now, but thought were lame back then!) I liked having something new, just for me.

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Your answers were extremely thoughtful, and fun to read. Let's check them out right now...

Kari Jo Davis At about 7 yrs.(?) I got a record player, the type in a suitcase, and a few albums, including a few K-tel mixed albums, Shaun Cassidy, ABBA, and the Bee Gees.
James Naaykens Jr A birthday card from my grandmother when I was 12. She taped a quarter in it and wrote. I'll always be there for you. So you can call me if you ever need to. Still have it and the quarter
Cheryl McManus Growing up it was either Nancy Drew or Hardy Boys books. Now it’s a Marden’s gift card so I can buy more fabric.
Jen Megquier On my 12th birthday, I received 12 pink carnations from my grandfather. He gave me many flowers through my life, but I will never forget those.
Linda Memaw Boone I was born on my grandmother’s birthday and we were very close. I always received a card from her that meant the world to me. The first birthday after she died I received a card from her husband that was signed Love Don&......
Jodie Cushing My son!
Paul Keezer my favorite present was a giant Tonka Truck...loved that truck...
Darren Question to your morning Thang best present is home made birthday cards from my kids is my all time favorite
Anthony Parks Dinner with my family ever year my birthday is 1/8/82 and I’ve always loved to eat good food with family
John The most memorable present I ever got was when my dad gave me his 1939 pick up truck. I still have it. It does run. I like to take it out every once in a while.


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