For this week's Throwback Thursday, we were wondering what your favorite, or least favorite, candy that Grandma used to keep around when you were a kid?

JStew: My Grandmother, that we all affectionately called Gummy, Not because she didn't have teeth, but tat's what the oldest grandkid started with. My grandfather was called Gumpy, for that matter. Anyway, Gummy used to have all that old lady candy, right beside her chair. I think my favorite of all her candies was Ganong Chicken Bones. Or Peach Blossoms. Totally a tie. One was filled with peanut butter, and the other with chocolate, and I don't remember which at all, haha. However, she also used to keep around chocolate covered candied ginger. As an adult, I think it's amazing. But when I was 6 or 7, that was the most vile stuff I had put in my mouth up to that point. Like, made me not trust her again for years, kind of gross. Thankfully, I've gotten over that one a bit. Also, I maaaayyy have a bag of Werther's Originals in my cupboard right now, too. Maybe I'm just getting old?

Cori: I am not the biggest fan of Necco Wafers or anything with coconut!  It took a while for Peach Blossoms to grow on me, but they eventually did. But there are a ton of Grandma candy options this sweet tooth was all about. My Nana always had ribbon candy. I thought it was delicious and dangerous, all at once. If you dared chew the ribbon candy, it would cut your gums to shreds, and since I was an inpatient kid, well, you do the math. I loved Good N Plenty, Hot Tamales, Strawberry Buds and Mary Janes, anything caramel and Circus Peanuts! Man, I love those!

Your answers were great. In fact, there were a couple candies we forgot all about. Let's check them out....

Mary Klein Drouin I hate black licorice!!!
Holli Finkle Necco wafers
Jen Megquier Favorite was the Peach Blossoms from Necco, least favorite was the ribbon candy - at least that makes me think of the older folks from my childhood.
Molly Ann
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Elaine Foss Fitzpatrick Peach blossoms was a favorite
Kelly Gardner Love black licorice!
Kate Boyington I think these are called allsorts. I think they are allgross.
 May be an image of dessert
Kate Boyington These are the bees knees though.
No photo description available.
Kim Soper I love Hot Tamales and recently found out they came out in the 1950’s...
Sue Burke I admit it, I like Necco wafers
Rick Thibodeau I used to love going to the store for "penny Candy". I always made sure to get Mary Jane taffy. My least favorite is black licorice or Necco Wafers.
Kari Jo Davis I love black jelly beans but hate black licorice. I love swedish fish, snickers, and shoe lace strawberry licorice. I have fond memories of going to the local general store and getting a little brown bag of penny candy. Today's kids will never know that luxury.  Anyone remember squirrel nuts? Loved those.
Laura Years ago, my grandfather used to work for B&A Railroad, and they would have to go into Canada often and he always used to get this tin of lemon drops covered in granulated sugar...and Oh My God! I used to love those. And I feel like the ones that I buy aren't as good as the ones he'd bring back on the train.
Elena DeSiervo Burns BEST. CANDY. EVER.
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Shawnna Farley I love those little strawberry candies, root beer barrels, and butterscotch candies!
Mark Philbrick My grandmother always had Circus Peanuts
Cecile Beaulieu One of my favorites!! I love the raspberry licorice... yum
April Seavey Likes-butterscotch discs, red hots, Strawberry hard candy w juice in it, penny candy gummies. Dislikes-Necco, black licorice, circus peanuts, ribbon candy, butter cookies in the blue tins.
Doug Springer Black licorice is the work of the Devil.
John Stanton III Red and black licorice!! My cabinet is always full!
Darren The Neko wafers were the best I totally agree black licorice ain't happening.

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