Tipping is usually always cool, right?

As a person who's spent a good deal of their life in the restaurant business, I understand "tipping culture." I can't say I always agreed with every aspect of it. Especially when, as a person who always worked the back of the house, waitstaff seemingly worked half as many hours and made twice as much money.

But, everyone has a job, and all jobs pay differently. It's just a fact of life. But on a recent Reddit thread I was looking at, someone posed the idea that you should tip the person who puts your Christmas tree together. you know, nets it all up, drags it to your car, and ties it up onto the roof for you.

But does all that effort deserve a tip?

That's kind of a subjective opinion. If it were me, I may have never considered tipping someone for that previously. But the original poster on Reddit makes a solid point. It's Christmas, so why not tip someone for doing you a favor? If it's not going to break your wallet, and could definitely improve theirs, why not?

But not everyone agreed. Lots of folks pointed out the supplier could just charge more for their trees. Or that "tipping culture" is just ludicrous. And still, a few others seem to live under the delusion that all people in business for themselves are rich. Hahaha, yeah right. A person who sells trees once a year isn't going to retire on their tree money.

What's the harm?

If it makes you happy to do it, you might as well. I seriously doubt that tree jockey is going to complain that you'd like to do something nice for them. And as for the naysayers... Don't give them any, if that's how you feel. Your tree, your rules. But, I'm always gonna vote for whatever seems coolest.

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