This morning, we thought it might be nice to give you a chance to honor someone awesome in your life. For like, no reason. We dubbed it 'Toot Another Tuesday'. We shared a bunch on the air, and then put them here too, just for you! Or in this case, someone else!

JStew: To be honest, I can't get through anything like this without giving a shout out to the three baddest women I know... My mom, of course. Because well, she's my mom. You could not ask for a more fierce Mama Bear than her. My wife KStew, because she is my rock in every way, and puts up with me on my best days. Sometimes those are worse than my worst days, hahaha. And to my partner-in-crime, Cori. You just can't mess with a single mother of four. If that's not the epitome of strength and perseverance, I don't know what is.

Cori: There are a bunch of folks I'd like to toot the horn for...My neighbors, because they have really come together to take care of one another this past year. My mailman, Mark Peach, who like all the other mail carriers out there, show up day after day, regardless of what's happening in the world, to keep us connected and stocked up. My family, for helping me weather the curve-balls life likes to throw my way. My bosses and co-workers, for making sure JStew and I have been able to work, safely, wherever we've needed to be (for me, I've been able to be home, so I can deal with kiddos and work at the same time, and that's been a huge blessing.) And speaking of work, I'm gonna toot the horn for JStew for a moment. I'm grateful to be able to work with someone who is not only fun to hang with every morning, but who shows up to work with an optimistic and humble approach, and who cares as much about what we're doing as I do. All you guys make life better!

We love giving listeners a chance to honor the everyday heroes in their lives. Let's check out your responses...

Linda Memaw Boone Today is actually Supermarket Employee Appreciation Day and I want to give a shout out to all my coworkers and our management team that have worked tirelessly through this whole pandemic. It was crazy at times and watching the shelves go bare within minutes of stocking the toilet paper was disheartening to say the least! We kept on going not knowing from day to day what new challenges faced us but we carried on through laughter, tears and fear. I am so proud to call some of the greatest people in this business family!! Hannaford Supermarkets rock!!!
Jen Zimmerschied Shout out to all of the awesome people working at the cross center getting the covid vaccine out to people! They were very helpful when I needed them!
Kari Jo Davis I miss our daily dose of sunshine.
Caller I'll you who I'm thankful for this winter is my fuel oil driver. People B*tch about the prices but they don't care about the driver.
Darren The Snowman I got a shout out to you guys for all you do to help me let everybody know the road conditions and stay safe so if it wasn’t for you guys I won’t be able to do that so thank you you rock
Doug Springer It might not be in the spirit of your topic today, but I want to toot YOUR horn J Stew and Cori. You guys do a great job starting everyone’s day, and play some great music. I really appreciate the fact that I can tune in for MUSIC and take a break from all the crap going on in the world for a little bit every morning. You guys ROCK!
Jim The social workers around the state! My wife is a social worker, and works at a nursing home. She's doing her best to keep the residents stay connected with their families and stay sane. And anyone who's working in a nursing home or boarding home.
Brent Alley I think there needs to be a shout out to everyone involved in last weekend's pasta drive. Truly remarkable!!

Evelyn I think all the kids deserve a shout out. This has been such a hard year for them, trying to adapt to remote classes and masks and going without seeing their friends. They have been amazing. The teachers have been great, too. But the kids...I am so proud of them all.

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