This video made me straight-up LOL the first time I watched it. The East Conway Road in New Hampshire has been devastated by frost heaves this year. And watching cars literally catch air going over this sorry excuse for a highway will simultaneously thrill you with delight, and make you so glad it's not your car going over this stretch of road.

The thing is, I bet there are tons of roads like this all over Maine too. I live out in the boonies in Hampden, and there are definitely spots on my road that share similar qualities. I feel like I put the life of the suspension of my car into the hands of angry roads every day.

But I have to admit, watching it happen to someone else is way better than having it happen to your car. So while you're sitting at home, watching your kids try to see who can outdo each other with screaming, watch this and have a little moment for yourself to have a nice healthy belly laugh. We could all use one, right?!