Pasta! It's cheap to make but oh-so-filling! And that's exactly why we ask you to help us collect just as much of it as we possibly can! For the better part of the last 2 decades, we've partnered with local food pantries to try to restock their shelves after the holiday season.

This year, on the heels of what was one of the most trying times in recent history, the need for food has been so much greater. And we want to make sure our friends and neighbors, and their families, have a way to fill their bellies. For less than $5 worth of pasta and sauce, you can make a meal that would feed a household. So we hope you'll consider stopping by to donate!

JStew: This is actually my 4th Ton O Pasta Drive. And I'm always up for the challenge! I feel like I can speak for Cori and I both in a lot of ways regarding events like this. It means so much to us to get out and support all members of our community. And if all I have to do is stand out in the cold for a few hours, I can't think of many better reasons to do it. Helping our friends and neighbors throughout the region is a privilege as much as it is our duty. So, hopefully we'll meet some of our loyal listeners on Saturday!!

Cori: JStew and I can't wait to meet you!

So stop by the Broadway Hannaford this Saturday from 9AM to 1PM. Say hi to us, and if you can, donate a box or two...or 15 of pasta or pasta fixings so that we can help restock the food pantry shelves over at Manna.

Hope to see you there Saturday!

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