We all hate tolls. It's universal.

The real kicker about tolls in Maine is that by this time we weren't supposed to be paying them anymore. As I understand it, when Maine's highways were constructed, and the toll booths were put in, eventually the tolls would go away when the project was paid back to the state. I think we all know what happened there...

We've probably all fantasized at one point or other, about just skipping the tolls. Maybe just blow right through the E-Z Pass and let the chips fall where they may. But we all know, that little camera is gonna take a sweet pic of your front plate, and then you'll be in for some really enjoyable times, paying big fines for nothing.

Well, what if you just slapped a different front plate on your vehicle?

It seems like the perfect crime, right? How would anyone know? One Canadian truck driver found out the hard way that it's not the perfect crime at all. Maine State Police were alerted to a truck passing through tolls that had a stolen plate. With the help of several other agencies, according to the Maine State Police Facebook page, they were able to identify the trucker.

They caught up with the fella from New Brunswick in Augusta, where he admitted to his nefarious ways. He claimed he found the plate along the highway in Mass, and was specifically using it to avoid paying the tolls as he drove through Maine.

Was he going to ditch it before he got to Canada? Wouldn't they run the number? Moreover, how expensive can the tolls be at the end of the day? Less than the cost of whatever fines he has to pay? Ugh... Definitely a head-scratching moment. Honestly, it sounds like a stunt from Ricky from the Trailer Park Boys. Oh, wait... they're in Nova Scotia...


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