Can we all agree that if ever we needed a good laugh, it's right now. Lord knows, we don't need anymore stress. All we have to do is open Facebook, and look at the comment section of just about any post, and you'll be infuriated within seconds. So we put it out there... What would your Trucker Handle be?

JStew: Here were the guidelines... The color of your shirt, along with the last thing you ate. For instance, as I sit to type this, mine would be Plaid Coffee. Get the idea? Cool.

Cori: Mine would be Black Frank's Cookie. Well that just sounds terrible.

Let's take a look at yours. This shouldn't be scary at all, hahaha......

Shawn Grant Gray Donut
Evelyn M. Inzerma Mushero Gray oreo
Craig Florey Blue Pear
Thomas Graban Black Fruit Loops
Ruth Mewa Black chip
Heidi Farquhar Yellow munchkin
Kristine L'Heureux Tan Shake
Becca Avery Gray rice cake
Deborah Derosby Blue raisin bread
Elaina Hazelton Aqua cheese omelette
Wendy Clewley blue blueberry mini wheats
Jim Murphy Breaker 19... This here's the Blue Bagel... You gotchur ears on?
Colleen Snow Blue Breakfast Treat
Cheryl Steeves Pink oatmeal
Brenda Murphy DeWitt Green omelet
Doug Springer Gray Cottage Cheese. C’mon!
Julie J. Lynch Blue bacon
Phyllis Kurtz Pink Blackberries
Jen Megquier Green flowered donut
Brenda Kral Gray stuffed pepper
Allison Huntington Wakeland Blue oatmeal
Wayne Sinclair Blue Cracker!
Ryan Turcotte Blue Taco
Brad Rice Black Toast
Lisa Mishou Black coffee...about right!
Justin Choiniere Black donut!
Ray Legassie Mine was 'The Obstructor'
Carol Stevens Red, Egg Mcmuffin
Kristi Dinsmore Blue pea pod
Mary Klein Drouin Blue peanut butter crackers
Megan Bridges "Black and white striped avocado toast" - I'm a millennial trucker.
Jeannie Hatch Gray Salmon.
Holli Finkle Black fluffernutter.(Why am I reading everyone’s comments with a southern accent?)
Shawnna Farley Purple cookie
Ami Austin Purple chicken
Lynn Hatch Sension Gray Granola
Sharon Roy Plaid frosted mini wheats
Steve Prescott Purple Macaroni
Diane L. Burr Pink?
Daniel Clement Black Clam
Chris Godsoe Pink Nuts? I don't want to play this game.
Paul Keezer Red Pickle
Jenny Ann Wasson Black fruit snacks
Earl Dwyer Orange steak
Tree Hill White and black bread
Brian Bent Black peanut.
Brandon Bond Plaid sweet potato.
Tim Cottle Plaid Egg Roll
Page Leah Blue bagel
Dennis Bean Breaker one...breaker one...." Might be crazy...but i aint dumb...CRAZY..."BLUE BEANS" comin at ya!!" Anyone got their ears on??....come on come on...i had hot gogs with the beans as well...but i dont want to be a "BLUE WEINER!"
Lucette Merson Grey salmon
Linda Lou Morse Blue Ham & Dill Pickle Chips
Aisling Doucette Grey oatmeal cream pie
Autumn Parent Blue meatball
Paul Dobson Green sushi
Patti Tozier Purple grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup
Barb Seymour Pink goldfish
Sarah Clark Lombard Red Pork Roast
Rosina Vacchiano Black Banana Bread
Lisa Wilcox Blue Stripe American Chop Suey
Katelyn Orser Mayne Grey Wheat Thin
Liz McCullen Purple Lo Mein
Sandra Lyn Blue burrito
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