Maine's famous for its sightings of little green men.

In my lifetime, I can't say I've ever seen a UFO. I've seen some weird stuff I couldn't explain but never did my thoughts drift to the possibility that it was a UFO or aliens. But you poll a few of your friends, and many folks will regale you with tales of the time they saw one. Be it out in the boat. Out in a field, whatever. There are stories everywhere.

And they always happen at night, which is always weird. I've always wondered why we don't see more weird things during the day. Maybe the aliens up in the flying saucers are too nervous about being spotted. Although I don't know why. It's not like we have the technology to chase them down.

2021 is shaping up in a totally different way than 2020 as far as UFOs

This time a year ago, officials had received over 70 reports of unidentified crafts flying over Maine. So far this year, officials have only gotten 41 reports. So the number dropped by literally almost half, according to WGME. The reasons for not seeing them are quite mundane comparatively.

The biggest reason is people are spending less time outdoors this year. With the "public" opening back up in most ways, people aren't searching for the perfect outdoor activity like they did in 2020. This year, it's mostly people who smoke outside or are walking their dog.

More time outside = more UFO sightings.

It seems like simple math. Sort of like ghost sightings disappeared 100+ years ago when cameras became more commonplace. Go figure. So, with fewer people outside, folks are seeing fewer flying saucers. Will the number start to grow again? Maybe. But do you really want it to?

For this guy... I'm ok with avoiding first contact as long as possible. I've seen Mars Attacks too many times to think it's necessarily going to end up favorably. But on the other hand, I'll keep positive. If E.T does land here anytime soon, I'll happily give up the opportunity to meet them first, hahaha. That's out of my pay grade!

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