Maine is a weird place.

Maine has "towns" that don't even have names. But if you head north on Interstate 95, you will eventually see a sign for T2-R8. As in a town line of sorts. I know there are lots of folks who drive through it all the time. I'm assuming it's based on where it falls on a map, or some kind of grid. Never mind all the unorganized territories people also live in.

Of course, there are also tons of towns in Maine with names that sound like they should be entirely fake. Perhaps even something out of a Dr. Seuss book. Meddybemps always comes to mind when this comes up. Or towns with naughty sounding names. We even leave room for towns that people swear are real, but actually aren't real at all.

Ever try to find Lucerne on a map?

To be fair, some might even allude to the area. But we all know it's not really a town. Yet, people refer to it all the time as a place that totally exists. Some could even make the argument about Stillwater. Or even the crowd of little burghs making up the whole MDI region. It's crazy the kind of ownership people will put on these sub-towns. I saw a thread on Reddit where people were eager to share the entitlement of others.

Literally tell anyone that lives in Biddeford Pool that they actually live in Biddo. You'll likely be corrected. In the same way that some neighborhoods are known by name, these little sub-towns are basically giant neighborhoods. So feel free to argue amongst yourselves, or whatever blows your hair back, but most of these places just aren't towns.

Here's a look at 21 towns that Mainers swear are real...

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