I'm a lucky man. For a significant portion of my adult life, I've made my living thanks to rock & roll. Whether it's been on tour back in the day, or hanging out in radio stations rambling on about whatever, music has been the driving force in just about everything I've ever done. Obviously, not much has changed there. Thank goodness for that.

But as much as I hustled for, and depended on every dollar that came in to make ends meet, I've rarely turned down an opportunity to do benefit gigs, or fill in for friends in need, or what have you. I've always enjoyed being able to either give back, or pay it forward whenever possible.

Recently, Michael Arell, music teacher at Veazie Community School and the music director for St. Mary’s Church in Bangor, has taken it to a whole new level. Even if all he did was release a Christmas album just for the purpose of bringing some joy to the world, it'd be enough. But this is a whole different level.

By releasing an album of public domain, traditional Christmas songs, Arell is also raising money to benefit the Good Shepherd Food Bank. He sells the CD's for $10 a piece, and all proceeds go directly to Good Shepherd, according to Fox ABC Maine.

And if you're someone who streams more music than you physically purchase, you can stream it on all the usual platforms, and a percentage of each spin will also go to Good Shepherd. So if you were to share the playlist with as many folks as possible, it will generate more revenue.

If you're interested in buying the album, you can go right to Arell's website and buy it directly, as well as get all the streaming info as well. It's a great idea, and it's going to such a great cause. And of course, big thanks has to go to Micheal Arell for stepping up in the community. You rock!

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