It will feel so good to honor veterans properly again.

Last year, like just about everything on earth, the Veterans Day Parade had to be canceled due to COVID-19 concerns. As you'd imagine, everyone was quite let down by that. Vets, their families, their supporters, and dang it... people who just love parades, were all devastated by not being able to honor the Bangor area's veterans.

But this year, according to WABI, the parade will be back on! There's been a lot of back and forth, and cancellations have been inconsistent as to what events have taken place, and what wouldn't. As was the likely case with this year's parade. There was probably a ton of back-and-forth surrounding whether or not it should be done.

The parade will be on Thursday, November 11th.

Every year, the parade is organized by Bangor High School's Junior ROTC program, with assistance from the folks at the Cole Land Transportation Museum. This year, it will go off just like years past. They're welcoming all vets, and folks should plan on meeting at the Brewer's Twin City Plaza by 9:45 am, if on foot.

If you plan on driving in the parade, you'll need to be there by 9 am. Then, of course, the parade actually steps off at 10:15 am. People will likely line the streets from Brewer into Bangor, especially since they were unable to last year. And rightfully so, people will be anxious to once again honor Maine's veterans as they parade through our streets.

It'll be great to have the parade back for everyone. And what a morale booster it will be for everyone that's impacted. Maine honors its veterans more than a lot of states do, and we're proud of it. So, see you at the parade again. Finally.

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