Normally at this time of the year high school basketball fans in eastern Maine would be getting pretty excited about the annual tournament, which of course is a big no-go in 2021 because of the nasty COVID-19 pandemic.

But the teams are out there playing hoops, and even though the games are happening within empty high school gymnasiums statewide, school pride is still first and foremost on most people's minds.

So that brings us to our annual poll, "Which is the Best High School Mascot in Eastern Maine?

Eastern Maine is loaded with Eagles, Rams, Lions, Tigers, Hawks and Warriors.  But which one is the absolute best of them all?

Show your school pride and vote!  Share this post so that others within your school see it and make sure that they vote!  Get your family and friends on board as well.

Bragging rights hang in the balance.  Your high school mascot is counting on you.

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