Vanity plates are cheaper here than just about anywhere in the country.

Some states have it a tiny bit better, but I read somewhere once that's the reason we have so many in Maine. Like California for instance, it's like $100 to get one, but then you have to pay an annual renewal fee on top of that. Pretty sure it's a one-and-done here in the Pine Tree State. And boy, do we love them.

You can't take a drive anywhere within Maine without seeing a half dozen vanity plates. And several years back, Mainers won the right to basically put anything they wanted on their vanity plates, regardless of any potentially offensive nature. The reason stated was Freedom of Speech. Then the state found a workaround this year, citing that the plates are state property, not private. This meant the state had a say in what went on them.

It's been met with a firestorm of controversy ever since.

Now, it's come to light that tons of people have been appealing this new rule since it was put forth. For instance, one gentleman has a plate that says, "LUVTOFU". Obviously, that could be misleading, but he claims he's vegan and expressing his love of tofu. Judging by the other stickers on his car, he ain't lying.

Others just want to put nasty, vulgar things on there. Honestly, I could care less. But it's still a hot button issue. So far, the state has rejected every appeal that's come before them, according to the Associated Press. Maine has about 120,000 vanity plates out there, and only about 400 people were affected by the new rules.

For that matter, only 13 people have come forward with an appeal, so it's not an issue that's completely on fire at the state level. But it's only a matter of time before this goes to another level. In the meantime, the state says it definitely has no say over what you put on your car for stickers, and maybe that's the better place for that kind of language as opposed to a state owned license plate. Good luck making that point...

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