This year is gonna go down as another one of those weird winters.

I'm running out of things to say about the weather this year. So far, none of the seasons have quite gotten it right. I remember last winter, the warm weather started in pretty early in some ways. I remember having a 60+ degree day last February. then spring was kinda warm. And in summer we got like, zero rain. And then summer just kept going into fall. Remember when kids were trick or treating this year in 70-degree temps?

So maybe I'm wrong. Maybe this isn't a weird winter at all. Maybe this is the new normal. As I write this, it almost feels like a normal winter. But if you start looking at the forecast towards the end of the week, it starts to get confusing all over again. It'll be more topsy-turvy Mother Nature bull crap.

Here's what the National Weather Service has to say...

So I imagine the folks who work over at the National Weather Service up in Caribou have probably just thrown their hands in the air at this point when it comes to predicting Maine weather. No matter what it's *supposed* to be, it ends up being something else. and this weekend is no exception.

So tomorrow, business as usual. Maybe even a teensy bit of snow. But by the time Friday gets rolling, the snow will all be rain and the temps could reach 50 degrees. How is this possible? Haven't we hit our 50 degrees in January limit yet? Sure, it's gonna be all rain, but it ain't snow, right? At this rate, next month we should see buds on the trees and folks wearing flip-flops.

Oh wait... That's pretty much right now.

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