It's going to be a long weekend of partying.

I'm not saying the only thing happening on 4th of July weekend in Maine is partying, but there will definitely be a lot of going on, for sure. Whether it's in the back yard, or out in the woods, or in your living room, there stands to be a fair amount of alcohol-fueled enjoyment on the docket for this holiday weekend.

Obviously, you'd expect a heightened police presence on the roads with more people out and about. But you should definitely assume for a second that you're any less likely to get pulled over just because you're in a boat. Maine Wardens have made it pretty clear via a press release, that they're going to be out on Maine's waters as well.

They're calling it Operation Dry Water.

Operation Dry Water is aimed at keeping the number of impaired boaters on the waters as low as possible. It's a year round effort, actually. It's not just limited to this weekend, or even just the summertime. Boating under the influence is a concern they worry about all year, but especially on weekends like this, where they know folks are more likely to be under the influence.

And it's not just booze. They might see, or even smell, people using cannabis out on the water, and that would trigger a response from the Operation Dry Water team as well. Your safest bet is to just respect the law and not be under the influence of anything while you operate a boat.

It's Maine, so people will notoriously do whatever they want anyway, but just remember that all those same laws apply to the steering wheel of a boat as well. It's probably better you, and them, if you just try to keep your wits about you. But still, enjoy the 4th. It's going to be gorgeous...


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