Summer was kind of bland at best this year

I suppose it was a tall order. Deep down, we all hoped that since this was going to be the closest thing to a regular summer we've ever had, we all secretly hope Mother Nature was going to play along too. But as usual, she got drunk and left us Mainers wondering when summer was going to start.

Luckily, summer came in August. I did the math, and we only had three days of hot summer weather. And then we bounced back and forth between nothing but rain or drought. I mean, how is that even possible? Even in the drought stage, half the time the temps were in the proverbial toilet.

It's kind of sad when we look toward fall to make up for it

As Maine enters what's called the "meteorological fall", which from September through November, temps are expected to be quite above average. According to WGME, this could easily push back first frost dates. Typically, around here, the first frost is around mid-October, but that could easily be pushed more towards the end of the month.

Now, of course, their predictions concerning precipitation sound a bit more like what we're used to in Maine. They're saying it could literally be above, or below, average this year. Well, duh. Even I could've guessed that one. When the odds are 50/50, and so is your prediction.....That means both. That's critical thinking for you. Ugh...

Just get out of bed, and look out the window

That's what my grandfather always used to say. He was a delightfully cynical man who didn't think much of weather forecasting. He always said, "stick your head out the window. If it gets wet, it's raining." That's the kind of no-nonsense weather forecasting we can actually use...Miss you Gumpy.

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