If you're stuck at work on this steaming hot day, why not bring that temperature down virtually with a couple of views of one of the coolest places on the coast of Maine.

There's a new WEBCAM in Bar Harbor and it's pointed right at where the action in town normally is, Agamont Park.

As you probably know, Agamont Park is a wonderful green area that sits on the hill overlooking the Bar Harbor Town Pier.  On any given day when there is not a world-wide pandemic, you'd find tourists sitting in the grass, on the benches, and departing tour buses by the fountain.

Even though things are relatively quieter within town, it's still pretty cool to be able to see the comings and goings from miles away.

The new webcam was just turned on, and it's set up on the side of Geddy's Restaurant on Main Street.  The viewer even gets to change the camera's view by selecting "positions" at the bottom of the screen.

Now, pair that webcam's vantage point with the WEBCAM at the Bar Harbor Inn on the other side of Agamont Park, and you pretty much can scan that entire area.  You won't miss a trick.

Of course watching through these webcams only whets one's whistle, and doesn't give you the entire experience of enjoying one of Maine's premiere resort areas. You can't walk the Shore Path, or walk down to the town beach to pick up sea shells. You can't take a scenic tour, belly up to a lobster or a pizza, or walk through one of the many distinctive shops that at this time of the year would normally be open for business.

But, watching from afar is better than nothing. I guess.

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