Our buddy Jeremy recently took a five day canoe trip down the Allagash Wilderness Waterway and thanks to his video shooting skills we can paddle right along with him.

Jeremy, otherwise known as The Timber Cross, came into our studio one day to help us play classic rock for a few hours and we found him to be an adventurist and overall interesting guy.  You will as well after watching this recently recorded video of his latest adventure, this time in northern Maine along the 92 mile Waterway.

 Jeremy tell us, "I wanted to go to remote waterways to see the amazing wild life and a sky with out any man made light near by. One of my biggest goals was to capture some epic moose footage and on this trip putting in the work before sunrise and after sunset I was able to see 26 moose on this trip!"

Some of the drone footage is simply amazing, especially that taken one early morning of a moose coming out of the Waterway, and then a mother and her baby bathing in the foggy mist.

After watching this very well put together video presentation you'd have to agree that Maine is truly special with it's woods and waterways, and the creatures that live here.  We thank Jeremy for allowing us to experience a little bit of what he did recently and look forward to his next amazing adventure.

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