"Do you think it's weird that one is....bigger than the other?"

Here we go again.  Looks like another funny commercial for Manscaped, the personal groomer for men, starring one of our favorite football couples of all time, former New England Patriots football great Rob Gronkowski and his girlfriend, Sports Illustrated model Camille Kostek.

This time the commercial starts out with Gronk asking Camille to come into the room to hear what she thinks about whatever he is holding onto. Without showing what it is that the Gronk holds in his reliable grasp, Camille can only exert a definitive "wow."

Whatever they are that the current Tampa Bay Buccaneer is holding onto are glistening, smooth, shiny, and feature "no dings or knicks." At this point our imagination would normally be running wild, if only we hadn't seen the first few Gronk and Camille online commercials for Manscaped.

The first one that we ever viewed was the commercial where Gronk was off in the bushes  while Camille was sunning her gorgeous model physique poolside.  And what was Rob rooting around in the bushes looking for?  Why, his balls, of course.  Which turned out to be a couple of footballs, which he eventually spiked to the ground.

In the second commercial, Camille was seen knocking on the bathroom door while asking what Gronk was up to inside.  And what was Rob doing in there?  He was whacking, of course, with his new Manscaped groomer.

So the question of the day in this latest commercial that Rob asks Camille before eventually revealing his prized possessions is, "Do you think it's weird that one is....bigger than the other?" "No, no no. Absolutely, not.  They're perfect", his ever supporting girlfriend replies.

Either way, whatever they are that the very loveable Gronk is holding onto are certainly a couple of award winners.

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