"Governor Lepage of Maine, who by the way as lost a lot of weight... I knew him when he was heavy, and now I know him when he's thin... and I like him both ways, ok? You've done a great job."

That was the President of the United States, today at the White House, talking about our dear Governor Paul LePage.

LePage has indeed lost weight recently, and several people have commented, but none so publically, or behind the presidential seal.

Sadly, this wasn’t Trump’s first incident of commenting on the weight of a governor. During the campaign, he told New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie “no more Oreos.”

According to Politico, Trump said “I’m not eating Oreos anymore, you know that — but neither is Chris. You’re not eating Oreos anymore. No more Oreos. For either of us, Chris. Don’t feel bad.”

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