For our topic today, we wanted to know what the weirdest names you've ever heard are. Whether it's a person's name, street, town, etc.... What's the weirdest?

JStew: The one that jumps out at me first, was one I heard from my Dad back in the day. He used to work for a cleaning company of some kind, and they were cleaning out a basement or something, and he found a picture of a woman, and her name was on the photo and I'll never forget it. Her name was Triplevina Friend. But also, let's take a look at our own town of Bangor. I've corrected people all my life for pronouncing it any other way than correctly, but in what world would that word ever be pronounced the way it is, based on its spelling. Bang Gore is how it's pronounced... but there aren't two G's, there's no E on the end, and both syllables are emphasized. We're messed up people. There's just no other explanation.

Cori: For me, it's Arundel. That town name has always made me chuckle. I don't know why. Before I spoke English, I spoke German. And let me tell you, there are a ton of strange words in the German language. I think that's why Arundel kind of stands out to me. Deblois and Caratunk are also strange sounding names.

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Some of these are definitely strange. Lord knows, in Maine there are some weird sounding places. Let's look....

Bob Hatch Black Jack Shellac, Peter Dinklage

Kari Jo Davis Tumble down Dick falls. For people wondering.. this is in the Jo Mary region.

Bonnie Dempsey Patchell I never knew there was such a place until Sawmill Bar & Grill had a 'Tumbledown Dick' pizza on their menu!

Jeff Bishop Boobie Blvd in Presque Isle, ME

Mary Sapiel Passagassawakeag river

Stephen Thoner Morningwood Drive in Eddington

Melissa Avery Burns Fun one....Ada Zee (first and middle names). Say it fast. Those parents are a freakin hoot!

Herb Ayer Olamon Maine. Pronounced o'lemon.

Acardi Gagne Bird in hand, Pennsylvania and intercourse, Pennsylvania

Jen Megquier I have been to both of those towns and I know Intercourse has to do with roads but I would not want to say I lived in Intercourse.

Megan Bridges For your consideration: Passadumkeag

Leigh Perry I can't read or hear the word without singing the jingle "You'll save a bundle at Arundel Ford"

Kelly Mahar I met someone named Tizwin, I always thought it was an out there name lol

Cindy Campbell Laversie. It was my grandmother's first name.

Greg So where I used worked years ago, we had a customer who's last name was Knott. His parents had a great sense of humor, because his first name was Kenneth! Ken Knott!

Steve A buddy of mine used to have a camp on little Pushaw and there used to be a camp up there that had a sign up that said "Camp Quityerbitchen".

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