We can't seem to get enough of her.  That flowing red hair, her cute smile, a quirky personality and of course those juicy Wendy's hamburgers!

Morgan Smith Goodwin, 28, born in Alabama and now with homes in North Carolina and New York, says "I always wanted to be in acting, it was my dream, but I never imaged during hamburger commercials!"

According to an article in the Wilmington News Gazette, Goodwin says that the Wendy's folks immediately noticed her hair and told her not to change anything.  The rest is fast food history!

Will she move along to Hollywood?  Her techie millionaire husband of four years says no.

But, Goodwin expects to do the Wendy's gig for a few more years and her legions of fans are very happy that they'll continue to see her on the tube pushing chicken, fish and burgers.  Is she now one of the most popular people in America? Could very well be.

Mike Windle - Getty Image