As we were cruising through the weekend, we got thinking about bad habits. Do you eat a little too much? Do you smoke? Do you crack your knuckles? No judgement here... just let us know what yours are!

JStew: My worst habit on Earth is probably procrastination. I'm not even 100% sure it counts in this case. Maybe it's more of a character flaw, but it's a pretty serious problem I have. I don't really drink or smoke, or do dangerous things. Well, that's not true. I eat like I have a hole in my neck sometimes. I wouldn't call it binge eating, but some days I just need to eat it all, whatever it may be. But blowing things off to the point of making people mad is probably my worst habit. It sounds way worse when I read it here. I should probably do something about that...... Probably.

Cori: Two bad habits I know I have, right out of the gate: I don't drink enough water nor do I get enough sleep each night. I'm perpetually dehydrated and exhausted! Thank god for under eye concealer and mascara. It hides the tired eyes. And man, do I wish coffee counted as water--because I would be super hydrated...but alas...

Now that you've seen the terrible things we do behind the scenes, here are your answers...

Carl Bryant Being on Facebook
Eric Curry I live alone with kids on the weekends. My housekeeping skills were always a bit loose but now with no girlfriend at the present I have become one of those dudes with a sinkful of dirty dishes and piles of laundry.
Phil Denoncourt Procrastination
Lisa Gallant Mine is for sure spending too much time looking at my phone.
Chris Goett Finishing peoples sentences My wife's is stating the obvious as if it's all my fault..."soooo, the dishwasher isn't getting the dishes clean..." Its a struggle
Renee Boulier Reed Biting my nails
Lisa Major Johnson Merely dry shampooing my hair for weeks at a time
Paul Since I've been living alone, I don't have any. Bad habits are only things other people point out to me. There are no bad habit. Probably the worst thing I do is smoke weed while I read the bible.
Seth Doughty Stopping at every Mardens I come across.
Brad T. O'Brien Spending money I don’t have on things I don’t need.
Dale Young Putting things off I should be doing, while watching movies.
Spence Nelson Waking up
Mike Miles Not working out more frequently
Seth McClellan Overthinking
Sean Slaughter My bad habit is listening to this song whenever I think about my other bad habits
Jody Dolley Cracking my joints - knuckles, back, neck, knees, toes... it’s bad.
Todd Richard Procrasti... nevermind. We can talk about it some other time.
Opie Helstrom Thinking everyone dislikes me.
Joseph Thomas Not giving a flying fart
Jon Clemons Reading the comments
Bruce Worcester Facebook...
Cindy Lou Overthinking & self doubt over everything I do/say
Paul Williams Saying f@*k to much
Kari Jo Davis I swear so bad. I mean there are times it's warranted... but I really need to get it in check.
Andrew Ste. Marie Trolling people online
Tanya Kelly Overanalyzing everything I do and say and then just not doing or saying anything because I can't make decisions.
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