Winter is nasty when it comes to cars.

It seems like something is always out to destroy your car in winter. Whether its salt wrecking the paint, or cold making windshield cracks go bananas, there's a hundred things out to get you. My personal favorite is when I forget to put the wrong windshield wiper fluid in, and then it immediately freezes. It's the worst.

We've all got what bothers us for sure... But what about the little pet names for other things that aren't actually a part of your car? I call the water that collects on the side of my windshield when it rains real hard, snot. Mostly because of the way it works it's way around in slow motion, making it look thick and runny, haha.

Along those lines, what do you call the ice crammed in your wheels?

This one is one we all fall prey to. I even consider it to be kind of fun. I like walking up to my parked car and kicking the ice right out of the wheel wells. I even do it on other people's cars in the lot at work. I've never really dared to do it to complete stranger's cars, but whatever.

It would seem folks around Maine have all the names for it. Wheel boogers, fenderbergs, sludge pack... all sorts of things. While there may not be a definitive answer, most folks will know exactly what you're talking about if you used any of those terms. They all come across as pretty universal, in my opinion.

Here's a bunch more of them from YouTube...

Folks on Reddit all got together to add their pet names for wheel ice to the list. So let's take a run through all the icy pet names people use to describe the bull crap that happens in their wheels.

What do you call it?

What's That Chunky Ice In Your Wheels Called?

I know it has a real name, but...

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