Here are six things we think would be good inspirations for the mural on the new fence along Main Street.

While discussions on who will paint the new fence along Main St continue, we want to discus what the mural should be! We love the postcard inspiration for the mural on the old bus station, what could inspire this new mural? Here are some of our best ideas:

  • Lass

    The Old Waterfront

    How cool would it be to compare the old waterfront to the new!? We like the idea of a mural of the Bangor waterfront in its lumbering glory days!

  • Paramount

    Stephen King Book Characters

    It might be a little creepy, but we also think it might be a neat way to honor Bangor's most famous author! Cujo, Carrie, Christine, Pennywise, and little Gage from Pet Sematary are some of the options we think would be best!

  • Bangor Maine Police Department Facebook
    Bangor Maine Police Department Facebook

    The Duck of Justice

    With a nationwide following on Facebook the Bangor Police Department's mascot has become a Bangor celebrity. One of the things that comes with being a celebrity are photo ops. Currently the duck gets daily visits at the police department has is causing a little bit of a problem for the busy folks at work there. So we say paint him on the fence and everyone can see him every day.

  • Michael Loccisano, Getty Images
    Michael Loccisano, Getty Images

    Portraits of Some of the Big Waterfront Acts So Far

    Since the beginning of waterfront concerts Bangor's outdoor stage has seen a lot of amazing performers. Why not paint those memories on outside of the place where the memories have been made! Van Halen with pyrotechnics in the background, Kenny Chesney after his first ever mid show wardrobe change, or Phish performing to one of the biggest crowds in waterfront history! The list goes on and on!

  • Erik Owens, Townsquare Media
    Erik Owens, Townsquare Media

    Bangor Landmarks

    The Thomas Hill Standpipe, Paul Bunyan, Mt. Hope Cemetery, The Library. A mural of our landmarks would be a great showing of Bangor pride.

  • Google

    A Colorful Map of Bangor

    An artist could get really creative with this. Instead of painting houses in the President St. area paint President Jefferson. In the area of the tree streets only paint trees. You get the idea! Not only would this be art but it could also be helpful to those from away.

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