A while back, we did a topic about your personal "walkup music"... as though you were an MMA fighter or something. Today, we wanted to know a TV theme song that perfectly sums up your life.... What would yours be?

JStew: One would have to be the theme from the show 'Barney'. I've always said, if I ever completely lose my mind in traffic, I'm going to drive around hitting parked cars, and blasting the Barney theme out the windows as I cry/scream through my wake of vehicular destruction. Or, I think at this point in my life the theme from 'WKRP in Cincinnati' might be more suitable. God I love that show. It's like spinal Tap for radio people. I'm not sure how M*A*S*H would fit in, because I'm not remotely a doctor. But I'll take a look!

Cori: For whatever reason, I have always identified with the Three's Company theme song, The Cheers Theme Song, and The Golden Girls theme songs. All of those songs are about friendship, family, familiarity and comfort, in my opinion. So I guess what I am saying is if you just ran all 3 of those on a loop, it would be the soundtrack to who I am?

Though we don't know all of you personally, we'd like to imagine all these choices to be true. Let's look at yours!

James Naaykens Jr The twilight zone
Shari Giffard Keefe Twilight Zone
 Brad Rice Hawaii 50
 Ron Mcleod Benny Hill
 Scott Tucker The Price Is right
Shane Perry Not really one theme for me but I used to assign theme songs for friends, family, and coworkers. Remember ring tones? In their hey-day I had ring tones assigned to different people. If my boss was calling me - The A-Team theme. My grandfather - Sanford & Son. My brother - Airwolf. And of course, my ex-wife was the theme from Married... With Children.
Dennis Bean EMERGENCY!
Kari Jo Davis The love boat
Hunter Tracy Addams Family.
Chris Godsoe I've always connected with the theme from Firefly.
It's a song about psychological freedom, the freedom to be more than the things that can be taken from you or the suffering that you've endured. "The sky" is a metaphor for freedom and happiness as a state of mind, a choice. The songwriter is making a statement- "you can take everything from me, but you won't win. You can't take the sky from me. You can't take my happiness or freedom from me, even if you take all of my possessions and lock me up, because I can find happiness in my own thoughts, and freedom in the sky. I refuse to let you break me." Once you realize that, you understand that happiness is a choice you make, not a relationship or a physical object, which is a pretty powerful message.
Cheryl McManus The X-Files
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