I think the first answer is pretty obvious. Hopefully, most people will choose to save the money if we do indeed get another stimulus check. With no end in sight to the havoc being caused by COVID-19, it seems the federal government is poised to release another round of payments.

That's a bit of good news, since the extra $600 a week that folks have been seeing in their unemployment checks is about to go away. Some of that may still come back, but it seems as though it's time to hold on to your pennies. However, for some very fortunate folks, their jobs have remained stable.

So if you don't have to totally depend on this round of stimulus money to make ends meet, what would you spend it on? Bills? New vehicle? New giant TV? If the true purpose of the money is to stimulate the economy, it would seem it's almost the duty of the fortunate to spend it. At least, that's what I keep telling my wife!

So take this here poll, and share what you might do with your money. There's certainly no wrong answer, just curious... My wife and I have pretty much committed to getting a generator for the house. Living out in the sticks has certainly presented it's fair share of problems when the power goes out.... like not being able to flush the toilet. So yeah... generator....

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