In everyone's home, there are always old sayings, or new ones, or straight up weird ones that get used to the point of legend, if not completely overused. We got wondering what those were in your house....

JStew: A month ago, I guess the most overused phrase in our house was probably, "Have you seen my phone?" We used to be two people alone in a big old house, and smoething as small as a phone is pretty easy to misplace. Now that we have a dog, easily the most overheard phrases is, "When's the last time Neko went out?" I have to say though... the second one never gets old for me. Any chance to hang out with my bestest boy is quite welcome.

Cori: I feel like there are a lot of phrases on repeat at my house. I have 4 kids, so I am constantly asking them to clean their messes or shut the door. But there is one phrase everyone at my house uses--and in fact it's now spread to other friends, too. A few years ago, when the phrase "Nailed it!" was a thing people were saying, my eldest daughter (who was about 7 at the time) heard it as "Mailed it!" and started to use that. We all thought it was so funny, that the entire family began to say "Mailed it!" in it's places, and it just kind of stuck. The other phrase that's thrown around a lot is one from the Adult Swim show "The Venture Bros." and it's simply "Super Good!" It's a phrase that be both genuine or sarcastic, which is why we use it a lot. It's versitle!

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All your answers were super fun, and we've been pretty stoked to share them along with ours, so enjoy!

Cheryl McManus Are you f*%king serious???
Kelly Mahar "What's for dinner" and "you just wanted to touch my hiney"
Kristi Carney We've got two.. "Quit running in the house!" and the age old classic "never trust a fart."
Greg Miller I'll just sum it up in 3 letters ... WTF.
Melanie Perkins “Who made this mess?”
John Worden Always wonder what people are with all that milk and bread. (not relevant to the conversation, but I loved his meme...JS)
Kari Jo Davis Got any gossip? Oh wicked!
Bob Hatch What the hell are the Democrats up to now? What are they thinking?
Kelly Gardner "I'm not your maid!"
Mike Cyr School is canceled here in Pensacola!! Too cold!! (strange thing to say everyday, hahahaha.)
Mary Sullivan "Move your feet you lose your seat"
Chico My beautiful granddaughter says "Alright. Alright." I wondered where she got that, and asked my daughter. She said "Dad, she got it from you because she always hears you say that."
Darren "What now?!"
Goose59 We say 2 "Hey.... What you doing?" &  "What you going to do now?"
Christine Delano "Don't eat your boogers."
Jen Megquier Benny, shut up! Sadie, what do you have now!?! (They are both dogs)
Elaine Foss Fitzpatrick That's not your food! (Cats...)
Steffani Chandonait The cats in the toilet again!!!


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