JStew & Cori here with yet another, What's This Wednesday, or WTW as we call it for short. Maybe today was too easy? Did you guess it?

JStew: It's funny, last week, Cori also forgot to send me the photo for WTW. The only difference being, last week, I didn't remotely guess what it was. It looked obvious, but wasn't. Today is kinda the opposite. I took one look, knew what it was, and then started looking at your answers and not only confirmed my suspicion, but realized juuuuuust about everyone got it right. So we're all smart today!

Cori: Admittedly, I don't think I've ever known the proper name for this thing. Maybe once, many moons ago, but if I heard it, I immediately forgot it. I've just always called it the "clacky-ball thing". And since it was a rare occasion where I was actually physically in our office (where this thing lives) I figured I'd use that in a picture! You know why it lives in the office? Because I have kids who have tangled it countless times.

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You all pretty much nailed it today. But in the spirit of the game, let's check out the answers. Some were pretty funny...

Sandra Lyn It's the balls thing
Liz Davids Mullis Newton’s Cradle
Paul Keezer Model of the Verona bridge haha...
Rick Thibodeau It's one of those relaxation toys that has balls on strings. Its represents perpetual motion. When you pull one ball back and let it go the force is transferred through the other balls and the furthest ball swings out and back sending the force back to the initial ball. This continues until you stop it.
Shawnna Farley Newton's cradle
Jim Lyons Executive Ball Clicker
Amber Harvey Tooo easy!
Jason Lawler Newtons Cradle
Wayne Sinclair Executive ball pendulum.
Aisling Doucette Newton’s cradle
Greg Miller I forgot the name of it until I saw the previous comment ... newton's cradle (I was going to just say mesmerizing desktop clacker thingy)
Cassie Clukey Mitchell Greg Miller, same. Can never remember the name.
Anthony Parks A Representation of your testicles after living 100 years, And decide to take up jogging


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