It's always fun to see how the guess for What's This Wednesday roll in. This week's clue was a little tougher, especially since we had an easy one a couple weeks ago. But the big reveal is.......

JStew: I was 100% mystified when I saw the photo originally. I know it seems like I say that every time, but Cori just seems to have this endless fountain of bizarre photos to be had in her house. So I was waiting to find out the answer as much as anybody. Oh well, I never claimed to be brilliant. (Although I am.)

Cori: To be fair, it's not that I have an endless fountain of bizarre photos to be had at my house (although I have 4 kids so there are probably a lot more than at JStew's clean, kid-free) but I do have a strange brain, and look at life a little differently than most folks. The photo from this week, is of something I stare at and use daily. In fact, the close up of the part that is featured is the thing that has become the bane of my existence. Its the part my kids always break, 2 hours into be unpacking it, and therefore rendering it useless.

As usual, a couple got it, and a bunch of people didn't. And then there's always the ones who answer wrong on purpose, and those are always some of the best. Here they are in all their glory, hahaha.

Cjp Philbrook High chair
Kari Jo Davis Paper towel holder
Felicia Saucier Watch band
Denise Berry Hackett a pill cutter?
Lynn Fuller Record needle arm
Sally Thompson Snap together buckle
Our favorite guess of the morning goes, once again, to Paul...
Paul Keezer Chair lift at Sunday River....haha..
And this week, we had 3 smarty-pants winners who get the glory of bragging rights bestowed upon them!
Jodi Hedberg White-out correction tape dispenser
Molly Tyler White out
Melissa Clough O'Neill Correction tape
image1 (2)
Keep an eye out for next week's What's This Wednesday Clue--and thanks for the guesses!
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