It's Hump Day again, so it could only mean it's time for What's This Wednesday... Was your guess right out of the gate, or way off in left field?

JStew: Hahaha, for the second week in a row, I knew what the answer was. Only because I happened to be in the room when the photo was taken. Cori and I both were in the office over the weekend, and she snagged this photo while we were there. Granted, I think what was funniest to me, was all the dust on the thing. You can tell that we set this office up, and then disappeared from it for a year. Thanks pandemic. But in general, if I actually guessed, I think it looks like all the stuff you see when Toto moves the curtain in the Wizard of Oz. Pipes and steam and all sorts of gadgets. This looks like a gadget or maybe even a doohickey. Just sayin'.

Cori: The dust gave it away, didn't it? To be fair, we haven't been in the studio for more than 20 minutes in the last year (thanks to Covid) so it's not like we get a chance to do much by way of cleaning...but to that same point, it's not like we're making much of a mess either. But yes, the item in question was very dusty. Gross! Despite the dust, we had a few guesses that were right on. And a few folks who just had no clue!

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A lot of your answers were correct. And, there was a fairly dead giveaway with all the reflections in the photo, so that made it a smidge easier. Let's scope your answers.

Rob Irwin No friggin' idea... A dye or press of some sort.
James Hubisz No idea.
Midge Hamm A dusty lamp
Carl A. Witham The base or part of the base of some sort of designer stainless steel
Cheryl McManus *shrugs shoulders*
Scott Tucker Looks like that might be a thermostat in the background. Using that you can get an idea of the approximate size. I’ve seen that ball on the bottom on a few things and the angles are very familiar. All of these things together and I still have no idea what this is.
Mary Sapiel The finial of a lamp?
Darren Hay there Is the answer to your clue the microphone holder to your desk


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