Here's our last WTW for 2020.... We tried to take it easy on you today, and it proved to be a little bit harder than we thought. Just the same, lets' take a look at your answers.

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JStew: To be fair, I had a pretty good guess about what this little doo-hickey was when Cori sent me the photo. But I had also just finished wrapping some presents, so I felt like I was already in the spirit of the season. Hahaha. Just the same, It's something I don't think I have, at least not one like it.

Cori: I thought, in honor of the holidays, we do a Christmas theme this week, with out clue. I was looking about my living room, at the decorations I had around. This one caught my eye because it reminded me of a small, simple one we had when I was a small kid. So I went with that. JStew got it right away, which is totally fine. They don't all need to be stumpers every time.

Here are your guesses from this earlier, during the I-95 Morning Show...

Paul Keezer Sleigh made of Cheese....
Megan Bridges Tofu Lobster Boat
Ron Mcleod Breakfast
Rob Irwin Some kind of a kids toy, I just can't place what it is.
Wendi B. Knowles It looks like a vintage Lego lifter.
Barbara Keezer Bottle opener
The closest guess was:
Jack Belyeu Ice skate on vintage ornament
Good job--and thanks for all the guesses this year. It's been fun trying to stump ya. We'll try harder in the New Year! ;) Merry Christmas to all!
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