Face it, you've been scared right to death more than once.

Whether you pound the pavement every day on your way to and from work or if you're just used to taking day trips on the weekends, you're probably fully aware which roads in our area make you grip that steering wheel just a little bit tighter.

These are the highways that are filled with the daily commuters, students on their way to college, tourists with fully loaded vehicles, the big rigs, the elderly couple on their way to the doctor's office in the big city, and aspiring race car drivers.  They're the roads that Facebook groups cover, that people monitor their police scanners for, and unfortunately those that media have to write about far too often.

These are the roads with a sharp curve every mile, with hills that go up and then down forever, and straightaways lined with trees on both sides that seem to go on for miles.

Through heavy rains, winds, sleet and snow we go.  Regardless.  We just have to get there.  And it seems that we have to get there fast.

We could do the research like the big newspapers do and dig up horrid facts, figures, and speeding tickets per mile, but that's been done to death.

We're more interested in a first hand view from those that travel them.

We've left the big city roads out of this survey, we already know that they're a challenge, and you may think that we've missed a few of the long-winding rural roads that we presume are the most dangerous stretches of highway in eastern Maine.  If so, then fill us in.  We don't know everything.

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