JStew: So since the beginning of 2020, I've been flying solo on the morning show. Don't get me wrong, in most ways, I prefer to be alone. But every now and then when you're working alone in a studio, you start to feel like you're talking to yourself. And sometimes frankly, I like maybe I even sound a little nutty.

After some chit-chat, we all decided maybe it was time I had some company in there. So, everyone, meet Cori, my new co-host on the Wicked Awesome Morning Show!

Cori: Hello, all! Thanks, JStew!

When the "powers that be" first floated the idea of getting to hang out with JStew in the morning, I was pretty psyched because we were already work buds. Essentially (in my mind, at least) it was a win-win because we'd be getting paid to chill and shoot the breeze as friends...which is not the worst thing in the world! Full disclosure; It's been a hot minute--to the tune of almost a decade--since I've been on a morning show. I "retired" from radio when my 2nd kid was born. Now I'm 4 kids deep and have pretty much flipped my schedule to nights.

Naively, I thought THAT would be the biggest challenge ahead for starting this gig.

Then The Universe laughed at me, and then said "I'll see you the adjustment of flipping a schedule, while raising 4 kids as a single mom...and I'll raise you Coronavirus!"

JStew and I had just set up our office, and been in our digs about a week or so, when the world started to change.

Welcome to the 1st Floor!

And then, day before we were set to start our new gig, those same "powers that be" that thought that the two of us hanging out together in the morning would be a cool idea, then said "on second thought...hang out--but just not together!" (And we're grateful that they did!)

We've gotta give the amazing folks behind the scenes (our Engineer Andy and the legendary DJ Fred) a huge hand. They jumped into action, and through a lot of emails and conference calls (and I don't know how many software updates!) we now have JStew and I coming to you live, every morning, from two separate home studios (any by that I mean rooms we've turned into semi sound-proof booths--in his case a drum studio in his basement, in mine my kids' library/playroom).

Coming at you live from the "JStew-dio" in Hampden!
Coming to you live from Cori's Honeycomb Hideout in Bangor!

We can't see each other. Sometimes we can't hear each other. And we might just be winging it, like everyone else, through all of this. But we're here. And we're happy to be keeping you company in the morning.

JStew: The thing is, times are crazy, and we figured maybe we ought to have a morning show that reflected that, in the best possible ways. So with our completely different backgrounds and lives, we'll just throw it all in the coffee grinder, and brew up a wicked awesome morning show for all of you.

Cori: Come hang out with us from 6 to 9 every weekday morning. We're just a Facebook or App message away. So don't be shy. Reach out and say hello!