They've obviously never tried Maine's delicious craft beers.

For real, who comes up with these things? While I can agree that Maine has it's fair share of residents with obesity issues, myself included, it would seem hard to pin it strictly on one thing. For instance, there is no greater cook on the face of the planet than my mom. I've eaten all over this country and no one can touch her food.

The simple array of what she's capable has more to do with my shape than how many whoopie pies I've eaten. In fact, I would venture to say that of all the sweet treats out there at any given moment, whoopie pies are pretty low on my list of "gotta-have-it" foods. I do enjoy a good whoopie, but I don't often crave one.

The mental giants at think they've got us all figured out.

These folks did a recent study, and they specifically singled out whoopie pies as being a "gateway" food, according to WGME. In a study of 3000+ people, some 30% of Mainers said that whoopie pies often lead to a stretch of bad food choices. This was enough for the folks to conclude that all the sugar and fat acts like a drug within the body.

Then, the more we eat, the more we want. This leads them to the conclusion that sugar is more of a drug in the body than anything else. Most of us probably already knew that. I've been saying for years that the real gateway drug, if you believe in that sort of thing, is sugar. It's everywhere and in everything. It's super hard to get away from.

But seriously, calling out whoopie pies as the culprit is a bit much. It makes as much sense as all these stories blacklisting the lobster industry in Maine... Out-of-staters who think they know more about Maine than Mainers. Typical. Stay outta my whoopies, flatlander...

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