Who are these people?!

You know... While I understand Maine is built on the tourism industry, I often wonder about the people from away who put effort in the weirdest ways to find things out about Maine. Granted, it's hard to get a peek at the full scope of what our beloved state is like from tourist-y info that can be found online.

But these days, living in the Communication/Electronic Age, you'd think folks could use the internet a bit more to their advantage when it comes to seeking out intel on a cool place to visit. But you know, if I were headed to Florida, I might go on a site like Reddit, and ask Floridians what the poop is. Not a Mainer who's been to Florida.

But that's exactly what I saw on Reddit today.

I often look at the r/Maine thread to see what's happening in our little world. And I came across this thread posted by u/consultinglove, saying they asked their friend if there were fun things to do in Maine in the winter. Of course, both parties mostly discussed the cold. Ha... they were complaining about the 15-degree temps... A heatwave by Maine standards.

Don't even get me started about that.... But I was mostly taken aback by someone who would go to a Maine-based thread, and talk about getting info from their friend, who was also not from here, to decide whether it was worth coming. Like, you're going to complain to Mainers that your non-Maine friend gave you advice... about Maine?!

I'm just gonna continue to SMDH.

You can lead a flatlander to water, but you can't make them "Maine" the right way. Again, I get this is how we make a lot of the money here in our state, but it's moments like this that make me wish we were Utah or Idaho. Do they get tourists? Probably. I just wish we'd get ones that ask us... About us.


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