We always get the 2nd-hand smoke from out west.

Thank the stupid, blessed jet stream for some smoky weather on the way. Not because it's going to be smokin' hot, although it actually kinda will be. But, in this case, we might be seeing something else in our skies this weekend, thanks to all the wildfires in the west. They're being ravaged by fire in California, and all the smoke has to go somewhere, right?

This happens to us fairly often. Again, the way the jet stream works, all that smoke goes up into the atmosphere and gets picked up by upper air currents. Then, it all travels east and finds it's way into Maine and Canada. It's not going to cause a lot of problems for most people, but it's crazy to think smoke from 3000+ miles away is coming.

We should start seeing it this weekend.

According to WGME, the smoke will be mostly up at the same height as the flight path. It will move in tonight, but not be really visible until Saturday morning. The sky will take on a bit of a hazy appearance. It could also last a while. As the fires out west rage on, it will just keep pumping more smoke into the sky.

Once it hits the upper atmosphere, it will continue to come east. This means we could be seeing all this smoke well into the fall. For folks with breathing issues, it could possibly make it a bit uncomfortable, but likely not that bad. We've had it worse in the past, with the smoke much closer to the ground.

But either way, now you'll know what you're looking at if the sky looks a bit on the funky side this weekend.

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