Amazing, just amazing.

The weather window is "open", and for the first time ever a human being will attempt to swim the entire 44 miles within the chilly ocean waters all the way around Mount Desert Island.

Puranjot Kaur, a resident of Bar Harbor and the coach of the MDI YMCA Sharks swim team, will depart from Hadley Point on her journey at 7 a.m. this Friday, August 28th, with high hopes of completing the approximately 44 mile journey within 24 hours.

The English Channel is only 21 miles, and we've heard about numerous successful and unsuccessful attempts to conquer that for many years.

This will be a big time feat when Kaur accomplishes it, as the furthest she has ever swam is 12 miles. She'll depart Hadley Point and then swim southeast towards Bar Harbor, by the Cranberry Isles, around Bass Harbor Head and various islands, and then back under the Trenton Bridge towards her starting point.

She will be escorted around the Island by various sea kayakers, boaters, and well-known diver Ed Monat who knows the waters well, so that she'll miss various obstacles including schools of jellyfish.

Open Table MDI
Open Table MDI

Her swim is called Round the Rock 2020, and she swims for a cause. Round The Rock 2020 is a fundraiser to feed those that are hungry within the island communities of MDI. You can cheer Puranjot Kaur on by making a donation of any size to Open Table MDI.  The organization was awarded a $50,000 grant recently and the swimmer hopes to match that with donations from this Friday's swim. As of this writing on this Thursday morning the total is over $12,000.

We wish Puranjot Kaur godspeed in her endeavor and have full confidence that she will succeed, and we thank her for supporting such a worthy cause.

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