Today was a new milestone in our fledgling little morning show. We actually have things up and running such that I can actually take a phone call in the studio! And naturally, when the phone finally did ring, I hung up on the person. Sorry if that was you. My brain seems to fight technology at every turn.

This morning, Cori and I were curious who you might have met for famous people? Maine is such a chill place that celebrities seem to seek us out quite a bit. And not just to visit our beautiful state. Many well-known celebrities own homes here. Most often the reason given is that Mainers are just generally respectful folks that just let them be.

I've met a bunch over the years, but I'm usually pretty shy about it. I don't like to bother people, so I tend to just kind of check it out from afar, and look like a sketchy lurker. And I, Cori, have also met my fair share of folks. Like Corbin Bernsen, who used to be on the TV show L.A. Law, back in the day. And I once spilled a beer on Little Steven.

Since you came through hardcore on our Facebook page this morning, we thought it would be cool to share everyone's photos. Check them out!

Famous People That We've Met

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