Yup, it's true. There was sun, clouds, rain, snow, and sleet. Plus, the stupid wind.

I know I'm not remotely the only one who had no idea what to make of yesterday's weather. My wife and I kept hoping we could take a walk yesterday, but every time we turned around it seemed some new kind of weather system was moving into our neighborhood. Not only did it wreck our walk, but it was crazy to behold.

The morning started out kind of cloudy, but my weather app said the sun would come out for a little while, then it would be cloudy again, then it would rain.... It was all over the place. Sure enough though, the sun peeked out for about 20 minutes, and we began to think it was going to be an ok day.

We even got ourselves ready to go out, and like clockwork, it started to rain. And then the wind kicked up pretty good, and we began to worry about losing power. Which is ironic, because we're just in a holding pattern right now, waiting for our new generator, hahaha. But then the weather took another odd turn.

Photo JStew
Photo JStew

As we're thinking about wind and rain and building fires in the woodstove, all of a sudden, there's a huge sleety, snow squall outside. It didn't last more than four or five minutes, but enough to coat our deck in a quick slick of icy slush. And then of course, keeping with the theme of the day, the sun came out for about ten minutes again.

Here's a video of it. It was nuts!

So as I tried to remember all the different weather in one day, it clear this wasn't a normal. And then I began to wonder if this is how weather will be for the rest of 2020, because wouldn't that make sense?! the only thing we didn't see yesterday was a flash of summer. I guess some things are just too much to ask... sigh....

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