It seems like there's so much that's negative about this year. We want to highlight some of the positives. Has anything good come out of this year for you?

JStew: There were actually a lot of positives for me. Cori and I got to start this crazy little show from our home studios in the middle of a pandemic. That was always interesting. Becuase there are no shows to play, activity in my home studio is through the roof. I've recorded drums on numerous singles, albums, and weird little projects all year. And even made a nice little chunk of change. Of course, there's always plenty to be bummed about, but I decided to roll with it. what else can you do?!

Cori: Typically, I tend to be an overly optimistic person. I've always been able to find the light in the dark, so to speak. When I was a kid, I would always include "Thanks for my arms, legs, peas and carrots" to my list of night time prayers. I appreciate the little. But this year, even I found it tough to redirect the moments where the awful just seemed unbearable. But just because it's been tough, doesn't mean I've stopped trying. That, in my opinion, is what we have to keep in mind; it's a battle, we can't stop fighting. Gotta keep looking for the good. So, the good things this year; Got to start this show with my friend, JStew. We get to talk with and meet new friends every day through this platform, and hopefully pass along a laugh or two. My kids have remained healthy, so far. They had the summer of their lives--unplugged and running around the neighborhood, just being kids. Priorities have been rearranged so that relationships with loved ones are getting more attention.  While my laundry piles still seem never-ending, I've come to let some of that "need to do everything" go, and appreciate every day. I got to witness some amazing couples get married. I was able to complete some projects around the house. So there are definitely bright spots to all this gloom. And I'm grateful for every single one!

A lot of you also seemed to try and make the best you could out of this year as well. Check out each other's inspirations right here:

Greg Miller I rebuilt my credit and bought a new to me motorcycle so I would have to say 2020 was pretty good to me.
Elaine Foss Fitzpatrick There's a great morning show on 95.7 again!
Sheena Turner Since no concerts, traveling, and conventions I saved money so that is a plus and I focus on getting outside of my house cleaned and got a shed I have been wanting to get for awhile 🙂
Jen Zimmerschied My family is healthy and safe so definitely a positive!
Rob Irwin The company cleans businesses, so they are essential, and that that means I am one of the few lucky ones to still have a job( even though I only work part time)when so many other people have lost their job because the business they worked for may gone out of business.
Megan Bridges How about the summer our neighborhood kids had together outside together all day? Epic fort making, manhunt and mud pies.
Kate Boyington Christmas came really early this year:
Photo Kate Boyington
Photo Kate Boyington

Cheryl McManus My Dad made it through 2 surgeries and I got to spend time with my sister.

Ali Goodwin The birth of my daughter was the best thing to happen to me during 2020.

And while we're not sure what's being implied here, who are we to judge? Dano Ober Manufactured by the illuminati.

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