I don't know about you but even with the impending storm Maine in my opinion still has better weather than Pennsylvania, Florida or California. Plus if you really think about it these frozen days do have their up side.  No seriously.

#1 - No Bugs To Pester You When You're Outside

Except for the fruit fly I saw this morning in my house and maybe a spider in the basement seeking shelter there is not a bug to be found in Maine.  You gotta say that for the next few months when the temperatures are up enough to coax you outside the lack of bugs is as refreshing as the breeze.

Tom Ervin, Getty Images

#2 - The leftovers you forgot in the car will last for months.

I did this the other day.  I brought home leftovers from Christmas Dinner and totally forgot them in the car.  Next day they were frozen like the perfect little TV dinner. Ha!


#3 - Cold Temps Make You More Likely To Reach Out to Friends and Family

I don't know about you but on New Year's Day when the temps kept having the minus in front of them I didn't venture outside hardly at all.  And once you've realized that there is really nothing on TV the phone or computer is the next course of action. Whether it's calling a family member or wandering around on social media. In fact a recent study back this up nicely. According the 2012 study, folks tend to talk 'longer than usual' to friends over the phone during the cold winter months.


#4 - Cold Rooms Are More Comfortable For Sleep

This isn't new news it is just something we crave more in summer months. Good thing too, when we finally get up and out to clear the driveway we'll need all the energy better sleep can give us.


#5 - Spring Is Coming And There Is Nothing Like A Cold Winter To Make It Feel Like Bliss When It Comes.

I know this is stretching a bit and yet it always comes and when it does after this winter we'll be ready to look back and say thank goodness that's over.  Yup, pretty sure about that one because I am ready right now.

Jeff Tuttle, Townsquare Media