With everybody staying home most of the time, you'd think state and local police officers would have a little bit less to do for a change, but the quarantine period has brought all kinds of reasons for police to be out. And not surprisingly, a lot of folks have seen this as a sign that maybe there's less actual 'policing' going on.

It's been well publicized that during this time, police weren't going to be stopping folks as often for a headlight out, or a recently outdated inspection sticker. This may have given some folks a 'green light' in their minds, so to speak. State Police are seeing pretty significant increases in speeding all over the state.

Even more dangerous, there's been a lot more criminal speeding violations as well, which is going in excess of 30mph over the posted limit. Lt. Erik Baker said this on WABI - TV5's website:

Maybe they don't think that we're out there. Troopers are still stopping motor vehicles for those traffic violations, and handling them as appropriately as they're supposed to be.

Sure, it's fun to drive fast. I may have been known to indulge on an empty back road here and there, but safety is always on my mind. But to think that no one is watching you, and you're just going to get away with it may be the wrong plan. Maybe we should all try to keep it in the zip code of the limit and let the police do more important things.

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