Not only is this grown, 8-year-old feline a fine looking fella, all dressed up in his best black-and-white tuxedo, he's as gentle as an "older gentleman" can get. You could say, he's a Gentle Ben. Benny, as he prefers to be called--we're guessing because he doesn't speak English and we don't speak cat, may only have half a mustache, but he has our full attention with those big, golden eyes.

We're told he's about as laid back as a cat can be. With an abundance of both love, personality and patience, the folks who have had the pleasure of making his acquaintance (and scooping his litter box) describe our Benny as being "benny-ficial" to all those who come in contact with him.

"He’ll greet all humans, young and old, and doesn’t seem too fazed by cats or dogs."

Benny has many qualities that make him lovable, not the least of which may be that he's lacking quite a few teeth.

"He has a condition known as Feline Chronic Gingivostomatitis (FCGS), a very painful oral condition in cats where he generally feels better with fewer teeth. He’s had extensive dental work done already and may need more in the future but he takes it like a champ."

We believe that Benny is the type of cat that will repay all of your kindness and attention to his teeth, by not using them on you. Rather, we think he'll pay you back two fold by warming your lap with cat snuggles.

Currently, Benny can be found sunning himself in a bright corner of the SPCA of Hancock County, on the Bar Harbor Road in Trenton. If you're interested in setting a date, have your people call his people at 207-667-8088. Or you can email your inquiries to

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