Once again this year, Maine was a happening place, with some good, and some bad.

Voters in Maine this past November elected the state's first female Governor, as Democrat Janet Mills, Maine's Attorney General, will begin that position in January.

Whether you like it or not, ranked-choice voting is here to stay, and it made for a very long outcome when it came to declaring a winner in Maine 2nd District Congressional race between Jared Golden and Bruce Poliquin.

The murder of Somerset County Sheriff's Deputy Eugene Cole and the subsequent manhunt for his killer made us all very sad and uneasy, to say the least.  When all was said and done, Bangor had never really seen a funeral service as big as Cole's, as members of law enforcement from all over the country congregated at the Cross Insurance Center.

The suicide of a Lincoln woman who stepped in front of a Dead River tanker truck while holding her young son on Interstate 95 brought us all to our knees, and then later our hearts were warmed when truckers created a convoy two-miles long for the two-year old Enoch.

Reforms to Maine's Child Protection System were implemented following the deaths of two very young girls here in Maine, including 10 year-old Marissa Kennedy, who was found murdered in Stockton Springs.

And after decades, L.L. Bean did away with it's "lifetime return" policy.  A company spokesperson said in a statement that "customers has been interpreting our guarantee well beyond its original intent."

Although he didn't die in Maine, he was declared "Maine's President" by Governor Paul LePage - George H.W. Bush, America's 41st President, passed away on November 30th in Dallas. But it was his summer home at Walker's Point in Kennebunkport and his very likable, caring personality that declared him a Mainer for life in the minds of locals.




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