Maybe you've never heard the name Peter Kelleher. But in some circles, he's widely known as 'The Soup Man'. After his son died of a drug overdose a few years back, Kelleher has spent his time helping the homeless all over New England. Now he's come to Bangor to help out our community's homeless with a new portable shower.

Kelleher spoke to Fox Bangor recently, and shared this....

They’ll come in. They’ll take a shower. They’ll walk away with toiletries and clean clothes, new socks, underwear, essentials that so many people take for granted.

And right now, keeping clean is literally on everyone's minds, so this couldn't be happening at a better time for Bangor. It's amazing that such a high-risk community in the time of COVID-19, can have access to a way to keep clean, which undoubtedly leads to better health.

If you, or anyone you may know needs access to this facility, you can find the shower outside the Brick Church on the corner of Union and Main Streets, in Bangor.

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